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This art project will focus on the changes in how different groups and countries are trying to solve their differences and conflicts. In the way they are fighting their wars. Wars and armed conflicts are not longer being fought on the traditional battlegrounds, where soldiers meet soldiers as in the two last world wars.

After the collapse of the Twin Towers September 11 2001, due to a terrorist act, the world has changed dramatically. This was the first time since Pearl Harbour that the United States have experienced severe losses on American soil. The attack made President George W. Bush start the official war against terrorism attacking Afghanistan and later on Iraq under false pretext.

“My mission is to make the spectator understand that this war, and this attitude only will create more terrorism and be the reason why more innocent people through out the world will be killed.”

The United States, today’s only superpower, will by its continued imperialistic behaviour only strengthen the fundament of terrorism. They have already done this for the last 60 years.

“My mission is to be able to communicate this message to as many people as possible. I have to convince every one of you to react personally and commit yourself to create changes that can help end this terrifying reality.”


Crosses of Liberty

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