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Multippel sklerose


Through my art projects I want to make people start think again and reflect. I want them to step out of themselves for some minutes. To stand outside oneself open minded can bring on new visions, ideas and create active changes in ways of living and ways of perceiving the world. Maybe also to change the passive way of living their lives?

“My vision is to make this art project so strong that it actually opens up the eyes and the minds of the spectators and make them react.”

To succeed I need to create an exhibition, an art show that combines the established techniques with new media. Everything is to be created around the nucleus of the show, a strong visual installation that is vital enough to capture the crowd and make people able to step outside of themselves for a minute.

“My vision is to give the audience a second chance they did not even know they had.”




Crosses of Liberty

Stein Henningsen   |  Design: Exploitation  |  Copyright © 2005
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